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Facts about Saint Lucia

  • About Saint LuciaArea of 238 sq miles (619 sq km)
  • Tropical climate and mountainous terrain
  • Population approximately 170,000
  • The island was heavily contested for 150 years by the British and the French (14 battles- 7 times British and 7 times French)
  • English is the official language
  • British-based parliamentary and legal systems
  • Member of the British Commonwealth
  • Member of the United Nations
  • Official currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar ($EC)
  • Fixed rate of exchange (US$1-EC$2.70) since 1976
  • Economic sectors are tourism, financial services, and agriculture (mainly bananas)
  • Financial services include IBCs, trusts, captive insurance, international banking, mutual funds
  • Tax friendly jurisdiction
  • No exchange controls
  • Saint Lucia has produced two Nobel Prize Laureates