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St Lucia's Offshore Jurisdiction

Saint Lucia's offshore legislation was enacted as recent as the year 2000, affording Saint Lucia the opportunity to adopt best practice in the industry.  The Financial Centre Corporation (FCC), charged with the responsibility of promoting the island as an international financial services jurisdiction, developed an online registry, Pinnacle St. Lucia.


This registry, owned and managed by International Financial and World Investment Centre (IFWIC), a 100% government owned company, allows the end user to carry out searches and to make normal inquiries of the registry.  It operates on a secure site and permits users to file documents directly with the IBC registry or through a local registered agent when required.  Saint Lucia's legislation provides strictest confidentiality of details of ownership and directors as this information resides with the Licensed Registered Agent and not at the IBC Registry.


For more information on the Registry and suite of Saint Lucia's offshore legislation please click on the image below:


Pinnacle St Lucia