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Boslil Bank Limited (Boslil) is an international bank dedicated to providing some of the world's best financial products and services.  We are able to offer efficient, secure and personalized banking and investment products through superior banking expertise and relationships with some of the world's leading financial service providers.  Among the products clients can access are multicurrency accounts, demand deposits, money market accounts, sweep accounts, term deposit accounts and credit cards.

Formerly owned by East Caribbean Financial Holding (ECFH), Boslil is now a subsidiary of PROVEN Investments Limited. Boslil has made a name for itself on the international market while highlighting Saint Lucia as an offshore jurisdiction. Boslil has also formed a strategic alliance with a reputable international financial services group which has served as the blue print for entering into further strategic partnerships and continuing to promote the Boslil brand globally.  Through these partnerships and activities designed to raise its profile, Boslil’s customer base continues to grow, along with customer deposits and total assets.

To this end, Boslil launched its Preferred Professional Programme and was able to develop alliances with new intermediary groups, enhance the service capability available to clients and secure relationships with reputable private banks in Europe which will be able to provide bespoke asset management services.

As one of the Caribbean's pristine offshore jurisdictions, Saint Lucia satisfies the requirements of reputable professional advisors, intermediaries and clients - a stable social, economic and political system, strong regulatory environment, a diverse range of financial services including the registration of international business companies (IBCs) and much more.