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Our Philosophy & Strengths

Quality and doing it right!  Here at Boslil, we hold the view that there is a legitimate use for offshore structuring and that by focusing exclusively on and understanding the offshore industry, we can provide an efficient offshore banking service to our clients.  We believe that by focusing and partnering with people and institutions of quality, and setting extremely high standards, we can deliver a superior service for which there is still so much need.  Our aim is to tailor quality offshore banking solutions to suit the needs of you our valued intermediaries and clients who, like us, believe a focus on quality and doing the right thing is critical to long-term success.

When it comes to knowing our client, it goes far beyond a paper or form filling exercise; we want to know who you are and what you do.  Our relatively small size also means that we spend the time getting to know our customers so that each client gets the personalized service they deserve.  Really knowing our clients is not an impulse - we believe it's an absolute necessity to deliver the type of service you would expect from a quality offshore bank.

Boslil's strengths lie in its pursuit of quality.  From being established in a sovereign jurisdiction which prides itself on its reputation and the strength of its legislation, the quality of our human resources, the conservatism of our corporate governance and policies, the solid reputation of our corporate shareholders, to the dependability of our correspondent and financial relationships, we seek to deliver the trust and confidence required in a banking parnter.

Another strength is the commitment with which we can approach the development of solutions.  With all decision making based in Saint Lucia, we do not have to consult a head office thousands of miles away, and this allows for solutions to be tailored more precisely and efficiently to meet the needs of you, our client.