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12th February 2013

Online Banking Transactions Involving Foreign Currency Conversions

Dear Clients,



Please be informed that transactions (such as internal transfers or payment instructions) that involve the conversion of one currency to another cannot be completed automatically by our banking system. While the online system will provide an indicative rate (which is uploaded each morning), it is not the final rate and must not be considered as such. The final exchange rate will be the rate at which BOSLIL is able to execute the foreign currency trade with an external broker. This rate is then used to process the transaction by the BOSLIL team to your account.


If your transaction is rate sensitive, and you require a live rate, please call BOSLIL and speak with your Client Relations Officer who will be able to provide a more timely quote from our brokers.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the above.





Boslil Bank Limited